Harpece General Contractors Company has a continuing commitment to the Quality, health, safety and environment of all its employees and other people who may be affected by or involved in its activities.

Quality Assurance policy

  • Strict compliance with established international, and national quality standards and requirements.
  • Responsibility to clients for the quality of services rendered.
  • Cost efficiency of services provided.
  • a wider range of services, primarily based on innovative construction technologies.
  • Development and implementation of new technologies that fully satisfy our clients’ needs.
  •  Maximum attention and responsiveness to client concerns.
  • Views of our customers override whatever else we do.
  • We pay maximum attention to our clients needs.
  • Positioning of the company as employing state-of-the art technologies and providing services of high quality.

Occupational safety and health policies

The company ensures provision that each employee is provided with a safe and healthy working space in which to work and reside in the case of distant contacts necessitating the need for accommodation. Further, the company provides safe and healthy environment for visitors and subcontractors who are required to enter construction site premises.

Environment management

Our work place and services reflect our values for the environment management and sustainability. We will endeavor to provide safe and conducive clean environment.

In the last few years, the impact of construction industry on the environment has been increasingly recognized. Construction sites activities in urban areas may cause damage to the environment, interfering in the day to day of local residents, that frequently claim against; Dust, Mud, Noise, Traffic delay, Space reduction, Materials or waste deposition in public space, etc….